Sedentary Lifestyle Negatively Affects Brains Memory System

Sedentary lifestyle negatively affects brains memory system, according to the review released in the Public Library of Science accentuating that long time sitting is associated to the increased risk of changing the structure, mainly shrinking of a part of brain that stores memory.

Despite an amount of physical activity, the sedentary behavior can be associated with the different memory problems, one of which is shrinking of medial temporal lobe that plays role in brain memory system. The reduction in brain thickness problem is more likely to be found in the people aging 40 years old or more.


Authors of the published study said while explain the research that, “The researchers found that sedentary behavior is a significant predictor of thinning of the MTL and that physical activity, even at high levels, is insufficient to offset the harmful effects of sitting for extended periods. In mentally active sitting, individuals may be attending to cognitive demanding tasks such as crossword puzzles, documentation, writing, or computer games.”

Extended time of sitting changes the structure and behavior of a critical memory part of the brain, suggests the recent study conducted by the researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

Prabha Siddarth said in statement that, “Of course, we need larger samples and better ways to measure patterns of sedentary behavior. But if you’re sitting for long periods of time, it seems that that factor — not physical activity — becomes the more harmful or more significant measure of your fitness. Even for people who are physically active, sitting a lot seems to be bad for your brain.”