Self driving robots disturb pedestrians

Self driving robots disturb pedestrians, hence San Francisco people are fed up with startups practices. As a result, San Francisco officials passed some of the most restrictive regulations on delivery robots found anywhere in the US in 2017.


The founders of Starship Technologies say the company has pulled their robots from San Francisco to focus on cities where they’re welcomed. There are many more cities that are welcoming our robots and that want to work with us,” Heinla, Starship’s CEO, told Business Insider.

Before electric scooters swept the streets and sidewalks of San Francisco, the robots occupied.  The electric scooters let people reserve a local scooter from a smartphone app, ride for a small fee, and leave the scooter wherever to be claimed by the next rider. There are no docks, meaning the scooters can be tossed anywhere.

Starship’s robots are already in operation in other Bay Area cities including Palo Alto and San Jose, as well as some European cities. The company announced its first large scale deployment on corporate and academic campuses across the US and Europe.

The robots started delivering items from food to office supplies at Intuit’s campus in Mountain View, California. The company plans to roll out 1,000 vehicles by the end of 2018. Friis said Starship focused on building a superior service.